What I do

I am an entrepreneur. a filmmaker turned photographer. A yogi. A climber. An overthinker. a now graduate of belmont university. a born and raised floridian that moved to nashville. an introverted extrovert. someone that will hold the door open for you and make sarcastic comments to show my affection. but really just a human being trying to leave this planet a little bit better than when i got here. 


Shooting people is what drew me to photography.

I found that

being behind a lens allowed me to make people  feel seen and beautiful and that is something i will forever be grateful for.  


Traveling has been a large part of my life ever since I was a child. I love capturing  landscapes, art, architecture, and people from unfamiliar lands and providing a raw view of what my travels actually entailed along with the experiences i had there.  



other peoples' love is an absolute treat. 

I have shot numerous weddings, proposals, and engagements and each one of them is as incredible and unique as the last.

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I started my career behind the camera making short films at my Arts High School in Central Florida. I picked up photography shortly after, but still create shorts every free moment I get.  I love to make both hired video projects and passion films.

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